Current Server Rules. Updated 5/30/2020

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Current Server Rules. Updated 5/30/2020

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This entire server is built on quality RP (roleplay). Winning every RP situation develops shallow storylines, so please understand that
‘winning’ shouldn’t always be the goal.

It’s important to RP out unfavorable situations to develop diverse storylines and make the game more enjoyable for others.

Age Requirement:
○ Players must be at least 16 years old to play, and 18 years old to pursue a whitelisted job (police, EMS, lawyer, etc.)

○ Reckless behavior is permissible, so long as it is consistent with your character and is for a roleplay reason. Remember that if you die an unrecoverable and severe death, consider killing your character off. (EMS AND POLICE ARE EXEMPT).

Twitter Chat (In Game):
○ Please do not speak out of character in Twitter chat. This could include: “Hi guys I’m new to the server,” “How do you make money in this game?”
○ Also consider that tweeting “Selling drugs, msg me!” and “Where are the drug spots?” will raise red flags for cops.
○ Use the ‘OOC’ (Out of Character) chat when asking general questions and talking about anything which your character does not know, only admins can see 'OOC' chat.

○ Please make sure your clothing is not scuffed or bugged. This happens due to combinations that don’t work. If your arms are bugged for example, switch through the arm options in the clothing store until you find one that does not clip or show a checkerboard pattern.

○ You must have a working microphone in order to engage with other players - having no mic will result in a ban.

Toxic Behavior:
○ Toxic behavior will not be tolerated. This includes spamming, drama, racism, scamming, social engineering or anything that is generally unhealthy for the game.

○ Convincing players to leave for another server will not be tolerated.

○ You may not use information which your character doesn’t know.
○ Anything learned from other media sources (Discord, Twitch, YouTube, etc.) may not be acted upon by your character (unless they learn it in game or the appropriate in-character Discord chats).

Stealing Emergency Service Vehicles:
Do not steal emergency vehicles and do not kidnap or kill EMS while they’re on duty, this includes local firetrucks and ambulances.

Criminal Activity:
○ Players may create criminal gangs.
○ These groups are limited to 8 players at a time.
○ Only 5 players can participate in a criminal activity as a group at the same time.
○ If you are taking hostages, you must announce to the police that you have a hostage - they have a protocol to respond.
○ If you have an outside shooter that the police are not aware of you must announce this to them.
○ You cannot use helicopters in bank/store robberies.
○ Hostages CAN NOT be affiliated with your group (i.e. they can't intentionally be a hostage as part of the plan, or friends you hangout with daily).

Random Killing:
Do not kill other players or groups randomly without any roleplay leading up to the event (must have context to kill a player).

○ Can be used for RP scenarios. ‘/me [message]’ can be used for feelings, actions, thoughts, etc.
○ When wanting to pull out a weapon larger than a pistol (i.e. rifle, smg, etc.) you must go to the trunk of your vehicle and say /m “pull X weapon out of trunk”

RP Fail:
○ You should stay in character (saying “out of character for a second [message]” in voice chat is fine as long as it’s used infrequently).
○ Communication with others must be IN GAME. Communicating outside of the server is advantageous to other players who solely talk in game, and will not be tolerated. There's a reason phone calls in game exist.
○ If your car is seized by the Police, you are NOT allowed to access that car from the impound.

○ You can talk when you’re dead as long as the injury isn't immediately fatal, so feel free to RP (groaning, crying, etc.).
○ When you respawn at the hospital you forget the last 15 minutes prior to your death.
○ Every good story has an ending. If your injuries are ever severe and gruesome, we encourage you to permanently kill your character, since in real life there would be no recovery. This is more of an encouragement than it is a rule, however, killing off your character to start another helps keep the economy stable, and roleplay fresh.

GTA Driving:
○ We have relaxed this rule, feel free to take a jump or go off road. That being said, if you crash hard rp that out don't immediately take off as if nothing happened. Also motorcycles/ATV's/Dirtbikes are not to be used for ANY criminal activity (i.e robbing stores, selling drugs).

Your Character:
Characters should have an in-depth background with unique personalities, strengths/weaknesses, and varying ambitions.
○ Treat situations with the same care and attention that you do in real life. Try to be consistent with your character.
○ Don’t drive off cliffs and fly helicopters into buildings unless it is a part of your character’s story (which would be an extreme exception).
○ How would your character react to these situations in real life? If you were robbed with two pistols pointed at you, would you put your hands up or run (and most likely get shot)?

Character Options:
○ Feel free to create additional characters to play different roles and build a new storyline (4 characters may be created).
○ Choosing to permanently kill your character is an option if you believe their story should end. It also gives great content to the community.

○ Criminal groups may choose to develop alliances but please consider how this will affect the server. Conflict is important in creating valuable RP situations. Realistically, if you were a large scale criminal, you would be more than careful and suspicious when selecting partners.

Don't Police the Police. The Police are trained to do their jobs, and follow strict protocols. If you feel like you don't deserve the punishment you're receiving, request a lawyer and talk to them about it. Do not post in #general, venting your frustration because you got caught, or because you think you know what's right. #staff-report should only be used for police breaking server rules, otherwise your complaint after the situation must be in character.
○ You cannot rob police guns (This also includes guns in police cars), must be at least 3 cops on duty to kidnap an officer.
  • While all Emergency vehicles are off limits (including local EMS vehicles), you can steal a police cruiser. To do this you must take the keys from the officer that owns that car. This does not include bear cat or police helicopters.
Police Station:
○ You can't save your friends when they are inside any Police station (example: once they go through the back gate of mission row). You must wait until your friend is outside the police station before engaging in an RP scenario regarding the situation.
  • You can't save your friends when they are inside of Paleto and Sandy PD. NO ONE can attempt to attack the police once they go through the back gate of mission row. You can enter the lobby of MRPD and try to negotiate with the officer on duty. All other jail breaking must be done outside of the police departments, i.e Prison transport, pillbox medical, or being transported to a police station.
○ Criminals cannot run out of the gate to escape
○ Police may have up to 6 officers (not including cadets) in one criminal situation.
○ Police are limited to 8 officers online at any given time.

When shot and downed during any situations:
○ Criminals are not allowed to resume any fighting when taken down. This means when you are down and helped back up you must RP your injuries.
○ The time that you have to RP your injuries is a min of 5 minutes. This also includes when in a crash, you must RP your injuries and cannot fight.
○ Police are also not allowed to resume any fighting. The only situation when the police are allowed to resume fighting is when they are revived and a new situation starts.

Definition of fighting: Hitting with any melee weapon or the use of a firearm.

House Robbing:
House robberies are in, police have no way to breach the house. Once you have completed the robbery you MUST leave the house. Failure to leave the house, and attempting to outwait the cops, will result in a day ban. Cops are not alerted to every house robbery, and the percentage is low unless you trip the alarm. Robbing houses will also overstock your inventory, you MUST IMMEDIATLEY put the excess away either in your car or house inventory

Fear RP:
You must fear for your life, the only exception for this is if you intend to perma your character. If someone approach's you with a gun, you must put your hands up and comply. If someone has a gun to someone's head, you must also fear the life of the hostage. Example of this would be someone taking a hostage to negotiate with the cops, the person cannot be shot unless the gun is taken off the hostage. The only exception to this rule is robberies being breached by A.R.T.

Respect for the community
This is the first and most important rule. You should be respectful to other players and administrators. You should always keep in mind that whatever you do in-game, it should not infringe on others' capacity to enjoy the game. this means not sending someone angry or offensive out-of-character messages because of an in-character subject or event. Also, do not argue with an administrator because you disagree with an administrative ruling. Please use the fill out a ticket in our website to deal with the issue privately. Furthermost NO TROLLING player, members, police, admin and etc.

Deathmatching & RDM
Killing another player for little or no in-character reason is strictly forbidden. Deliberately attempting to start a fight with little to no reason is also, not allowed. Going up to another player and insulting them in-character with the sole intention of escalating the situation to a fight is also not allowed without the proper roleplay scenario (bar fights, car accidents, etc.). There will be absolutely no RANDOM DEATH MATCHING OR VECHICLE DEATCH MATCHING. If a traffic accident has occurred while a player was hit by a car it needs to be roleplayed out with ems and the police.

New Life Rule & Revenge Killing
You are not allowed to seek out and/or kill anyone involved with your character's death. When you are killed, your character loses all memory leading up to and including their death unless they were rescued by paramedics. This may involve no longer knowing or recognizing your killer(s) after dying. You must also do your absolute best to avoid the player(s) who killed you, and definitely not kill them, provoke them, or otherwise engage them in any role play situation. If you are killed by a player, or a group of players, or the police you will forget everything involving your character and the opposing character(s) in that situation. If you are killed in an area that is not crucial to your character (house, or job), you should avoid the area to make a better roleplay for a while. This all also applies to any death even accidental.

Players cannot solely use the in-game mechanics to steal another player's vehicle while said vehicle is occupied. The situation must be role-played out between both parties. If your vehicle does not possess a license plate due to game mechanics, you may not roleplay that it has one anyway. Any vehicle purchased from the dealership that does not have a visible plate will be considered registered as a recreational vehicle. These vehicles are for off-road use only and must be towed. If you are in possession of such a vehicle on city streets will you be subject to being pulled over and issues fines and an impound.

Metagaming extended
Communicating information that your character does not know to others, sharing information via chat, TeamSpeak, Discord or any other method, that other characters would not feasibly be able to see or otherwise interpret, sharing out-of-character information through an in-character medium, or taking in-character action based on information gained from an out-of-character source are all classified as metagaming. Only authorized legal organizations are permitted to use TeamSpeak & Discord for in-character communication. 5.1 Chat Box Rules You cannot use internet slang or unrealistic abbreviations in in-character chats, nor can you use symbols other than standard punctuation, except when appropriate (i.e. in-character emails, text messages, or other digital communication). You are not permitted to use languages other than English publicly, in-character or out-of-character, except common words for flavor purposes. Nonstandard punctuation (i.e. smileys or other constructs) is not permitted. To indicate a pause in conversation, you can use an ellipsis – “…” – and to indicate a sudden break in conversation, you can use a dash – “— “. Finally, only certain varieties of legal organizations are permitted to use TeamSpeak for in-character communication. All no game related chat is to be held in Out OF Character chat but typing /ooc "message to server here". If you need help please use the help channel in the chat. 5.3 In Character Live-Streaming Due to the complexities surrounding in character streaming, live in character streams are not permitted. Streaming is permitted, however cannot be treated as in character and use of information gained directly from a player's stream will fall under metagaming.

Acknowledging Out of Character Chat
Players have the right to ignore other players' out-of-character discussions if they wish, unless it is to ask why they were killed. However, players are not permitted to ignore administrators’ communication or rulings. Furthermore, do not avoid out-of-character communications with an administrator, administrators, avoid answering a player who asks you why you killed them and spam someone in order to avoid roleplaying with them simply because it doesn't fit your character's agenda

Negative Behavior
Toxic behavior will not be tolerated. This includes spamming, drama and racism, or anything that is generally unhealthy for the game.

Exploiting Bugs
You are not permitted to exploit bugs for personal gain. You are required to report a bug if you find one. DO NOT abuse a bug that allows you to, essentially, spawn in money or gain any type of advantage that wasn't meant to be. This also includes abusing any in-game mechanic. If you are caught breaking this rule without reporting it, you will be perm banned!!!!

Account Access
Please make sure to engage in RP scenarios and not spend 90% of your time making cash as efficiently as possible. We’ve added a lot of content and entertaining features into the server so we hope you enjoy engaging with all of them.

Character Options
Feel free to create additional characters to play different roles and build a new storyline. Choosing to permanently kill your character is an option if you believe their story should end. It also gives great content to the community.

Suicide/Logging to avoid Roleplay
You are not allowed to kill your character, log off or forcibly re-spawn to avoid situations. If you have to log off but you are in the middle of a roleplay situation, you will need to get permission from all parties involved before doing so. This also includes police chases. If you kill yourself to avoid jail you will still be arrested. If you commit a crime, you must wait twenty minutes prior to logging off.

Criminal groups may choose to develop alliances but please consider how this will affect the server. Conflict is important in creating valuable RP situations. Realistically, if you were a large scale criminal, you would be more than careful and suspicious when selecting partners.

Abuse of Reports or Help
You are not allowed to use reports or help resources for anything other than server-related concerns or questions.

Search Warrants
Players must be truthful when being asked to comply with a search warrant.

Exploiting Scripts & GTA V Mechanics
Knowingly exploiting the script and/or the GTA V engine in order to gain an advantage is not allowed. This includes abusing the physics of GTA V in order to do unrealistic things. Breaking this rule will result in a perm ban!!!!

Unacceptable Roleplay
Roleplaying as terrorists, separatists, intelligence agency members, private military, federal or foreign government employees, or similar avenues of roleplay (individually or in organizations) that would require entities such as the state or federal government to intercede are explicitly forbidden, since those entities are not generally present in the server. You may not roleplay a character from a movie, TV show, comic book, or any other type of related media. While you are allowed to take traits or inspiration from these types of characters, blatantly copying them to use on VIRP is not allowed. This includes both personality and appearance.

Failure to Roleplay / Unrealistic Roleplay
Failing to roleplay is strictly forbidden. You're expected to be roleplaying at all times. If a situation presents itself where rules are broken(except for RDM/VDM), roleplay first, report later. Abusing in game physics or mechanics to gain an edge over another player will result in punishment. You are expected to use script features to assist in roleplay. DO NOT continuously type in out-of-character chat while another player is trying to roleplay with you. YOU MAY NOT roll your vehicle in a pursuit and then use in game mechanics to flip it on its roof and continue driving. You MAY NOT disregard happenings that would result in the death of your character (falls from substantial heights, head shots, fires, head-on collisions, train collisions, etc.) regardless of your OOC health / armor level. You have been shot in the leg yet you keep running acting like nothing has happened. Stop roleplaying and complain in OOC chat because a rule was broken during the roleplay.

AFKing/Paycheck Farming
Do not AFK on the server for any longer than 10 minutes. Please log out and return when you are ready.

DO NOT kill anyone in comserv or at prison. Do NOT pick anyone up serving comserv and carry them away. Failure to do so will result in a 1 day ban.

Shitlording/Cop baiting We have a zero tolerance for shitlording and cop baiting on our server. This means don't be annoying if your bored by i.e doing excessive burnouts in a garage, punching people for no apparent reason, tazing someone just for the fun of it etc. Cop baiting is when you intentional draw attention to yourself to police without cause, or you have an active warrant and you constantly drive up to police, or interfere in a police situation you are not involved in.


Failing to follow the #server-rules will result in any of the following consequences (depending on the severity and magnitude of the offense):
○ Warning
○ Community service (in game)
○ Temporary ban (several days)
○ Permanent ban / Whitelist access revoked

If you feel that your ban was unjustified, feel free to explain your rationale in: #ban-appeals

Server rule notes
  • When you start a robbery you must have ALL members involved with the robbery on site. If you have an outside shooter, they must be within seeing distance of the bank or store. When asked by the police, you MUST tell them how many are inside, and when they ask if you have an outside shooter, you MUST tell them how many you have (you do not have to tell them their location, only how many). If you have a getway car, you can have your outside shooter sitting in it so it doesn't despawn, but this is the only exception. If your plans change, or one of your boys wake's up mid robbery, you cannot introduce them to the situation. Also just to recap the last community meeting, be smart about attempting to break your friends out of police custody and provide good RP with it.
  • If your buddy is arrested for a minor infraction, or a misc felony let them go to jail. It doesn't make sense to fight the cop's over a charge of 20 months or less.
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