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Gang Rules

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Number of gang members allowed in a gang is unlimited, but only 6 members are allowed to be online at the same time.

During the duration of the war, all current server rules apply, including the max of 5 criminals in a single rp situation. If your gang has allies, you can still only have 5. You can have 3 of your guys and 2 of you allies, or vice versa. Once the RP situation has started, you CANNOT tag in another gang member to take your spot. If you have to leave for any reason, or your character is downed, you must continue with the original members.

There can only be two gangs per side participating in the war, does not mean you cannot be friends with more than 1 gang, we are only going to allow two gangs per side in the war.

Engagement after death

In the event you go down, as the individual that went down, you have a 30min grace period between getting picked up or going to the light. This is to allow you to get geared back up, and get out there. This is something you can choose to use or not but if you choose to engage in hostel RP right away before the 30 min window, you are free game to any and all repercussions. As the player who downed that person, you are not to engage with that person for 30min from the time they go down, unless the losing party engages before the 30min mark. In that case ONLY, you are free to take action against them. Example I kill Codie, I must wait 30 min from the time I killed him, before engaging with him again unless he comes at me straight on again. I am then free to value my life and kill him again.

Comserv and prison are off limits for any gang activity. After you have completed your sentence, you have 15 minutes to get geared back up and hit the streets. During this 15 minutes, members of the opposing gang CANNOT engage with you unless you engage with them.

Places gang violence should be kept out of are as follows; Pink cage, pillbox, legion square, and all whitelisted job areas. These are to be considered neutral and off limits for gang on gang activity. This does not include attempting to spring your gang members from Pillbox.
These places are by no means a safe zone or a place for you to hide and be protected just places we need to try and avoid at all costs.

Drive-bys and gang war
Drive-bys will not be allowed, we attempted this and it just caused issue’s. As an alternative to this we will have two hotspot areas. The server hotspot is the grapeseed area, and the second spot will be a mutual area, both gangs at war can agree on. These two areas will be the only place non initiated shootings can take place(Only the gangs at war and must be on the enemy gang(s).Every other location must be initiated per server rules. Please keep the mutual gang hotspot out of the city, or away from heavy traffic areas.(Again I want to say, the hotspots will ONLY be active during gang wars, and will ONLY be allowed by the gangs at war).

The final gang war will take place on the last day of the war. The 2 beefing parties will come together to agree on a spot and a time to meet. When the time and place has been established, on that day, the gangs will show up with all active members. Once the war starts it will not stop until one side is completely down. After the dust has settled, the gang left standing is the winner of the war, and claims whatever prize the gangs were fighting for. During the final war, the police will stage close but will not interfere in the war. For all conflicts leading up to the final war, the police will respond to shots fired, but will treat the hot zones with caution.

A few things to add in closing, body camping or dragging someone around so they can’t remember the situation leading to their death, while this will be allowed, it will be carefully monitored, because what is the point of gang war if no one remembers anything. Plus you want that side to remember who they are messing with.

Owners reserve the right to terminate any war on the spot with or without cause, rules are subject to change at anytime
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